We want to help!  On this page you will find additional content and tools for utilizing Take a Breath for Schools and Communities.

Included on the website are content and resources we have developed to inform a variety of users.  Some of the posts will contain science based resources and information.  As well, there will be content from anecdotal sources to represent our interest in including what you have learned, or interests that create inspiration.

Best Practices  Here you will find 'start-up' information, as well as tools to give you the best first steps.  The key to this methodology is repetition.  Therefore, we will provide you our best 'secrets' for success and consistency which is key to changing the brain.

Communication  This is a foundation of the Take a Breath for Schools and Communities methodology and content.  It contains suggestions and examples of basic communication skills.  Skills such as authentic listening, clear speaking, and more.

Breath and Relaxation Here you will find some of our foundational topics and resources regarding the critical initial steps in the development and practice of Take a Breath.  There is a 'deep dive' into related practices and content we believe will solidify your understanding of the importance of these two foundations of Take a Breath.


So, bookmark this page as a regular stop, and watch for updates and notifications!  Additionally, we want to hear from you!  If you have some new research, or practice, or something that you discovered...let us now!  Our goal is to be a leader in progressive, collaborative growth for individuals and schools.  We aspire to address the urgent climate and cultural needs of the 21st Century.

3-Part Breath with a Strap

Using a strap to develop the full breath.  This simple exercise can develop a feeling of the deeper breath.  Often individuals don’t know what a full breath feels like, that fills all 3…

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Straw Breath for Anxiety

The Straw Breath An excellent tool to develop the feeling of the full exhalation which is often elusive to those who struggle with anxiety.  Once viewed, you could also practice the audio…

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Virtual Assembly- A Presentation for Schools and Groups

Hello School and Community Leaders! Take a Breath is moving forward with creativity and purpose to help support your school and our community. We have the tools to address mental health and…

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The Science of Success in Mindfulness- How to succeed in creating new habits and patterns.

    New Habits can replace Old Habits It can be so difficult to create a new habit or pattern.  I know it has been a lifelong struggle for me in some…

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Personalized Mindfulness- An individualized recording for those dealing with a specific, personal issue

  Personalized Mindfulness Creating your own individualized Take a Breath recording This personalized mindfulness is in the form of a ”river raft journey’  (or space journey, or forest journey, or ocean journey,…

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Mental Health Support

  In an Emergency, Dial 911 If you need mental health support, explore these easy access phone numbers and resources.  Additionally, support as a Mental Health First Aid is outlined below. In…

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Find a Listening Friend, Create a Group Chat, or, Become a Take a Breath for Schools and Communities Ambassador!

Who is waiting to be your listener? A family member, a friend, a school or work mate.  Engage them, educate them and then commit to a regular listening practice for you, and…

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Take a Breath Rite of Passage – For Coming of Age Teens. With their parents and community.

  What does it mean to ‘Come of Age’? For many parents of teens coming of age, as young men and women, that time can be challenging to say the least.  At…

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Take a Breath for Life – A 21-day program to create a shift from stress and reaction, to intention and empowered action!

Take a Breath for Life   21 Day “Daily Discipline” Program Using will and support to develop a regular discipline.   Will- (def.) ‘mental powers manifested as wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending.’…

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